Prom Limousine Services

What better way to celebrate your prom night than to make your grand entrance from a limousine with all of your friends? Congratulations and have fun on your Prom Night! After all the hard work and effort you put in during the academic year, now is the time when all your friends get together to party! Our spacious vehicles allow our clients to make an entrance as they pull up to the event in style! High School Graduation is a true day of celebration. It is a time to say your final goodbyes and feel a great sense of accomplishment!


Parents or Guardians:

Welcome to Prom Season! Being a parent or guardian your journey and expectations will be addressed and secured here @ Allegiance Limousine. Please be reassured we’re concerned about the safety and welfare of all Prom Students. Allegiance Limousine has strict guidelines for our chauffeurs to follow. But we also know how important their prom night is. A good time should be had by all, as glamorous as a night at the Oscars! We understand this is a memorable event for all and we will literally, on this day, do everything to ensure its success with integrity, courtesy and professionalism for all.

Fun for your teens, peace of mind for parents or guardians

Allegiance limousine is dedicated to providing a luxurious and fun experience for your teenagers on their prom night. Our experienced and professional chauffeurs ensure that the kids arrive to their prom safe, on-time & in style! Our transportation experts understand that the number one priority for parents is making sure that their children are safe.

Our experienced and professional chauffeurs will stay focused on their task while your children have fun and enjoy the evening. You can relax and feel confident that we will do our job.

Allegiance’s chauffeurs will also check in at each step of the night to provide peace of mind.

Prom Packages:

Split Time: No charge while at the Prom.

  • 4 hours minimum
  • Total number of hours can be split
  • 2 hours before the prom, 2 hours after
  • 3 hours before the prom, 1 hour after

Pick Drop & Return:

Straight time is just that….the limo is yours for the designated time you choose…before and after. Leave the prom early if you choose, the choice is yours. Call for pricing.

Allegiance’s Prom Limousine Package

Allegiance Limousine’s Prom Package includes:

  • Cabin Coolers Iced & Stocked with Bottled Water & Soda
  • Professionally attired chauffeur
  • Glassware with napkins matching School Colors (the best match possible)


A Credit Card Deposit is also required to reserve vehicle.

Full terms and conditions of our cancellation policy and fees can be viewed with the Reservation/Agreement page as well as itinerary which will be emailed and requires Parent and Student signatures and emailed back to us.